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June 24, 2024


Student Attendance

Student Attendance

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Class Wise Daily Attendance inputs, Manual as well as from Biometric / RFID Devices, can be managed easily through this module.

Extensive and detailed reporting is available for evaluation of Attendance with various combinations.

What will you get

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How It's Helpful

  1. Student Attendance records are available in the system over the years and throughout the Students’ lifecycle in the institute.
  2. Comprehensive reports simplify analyzing subjects with Higher and Lower attendance percentages and help improving academic deliverables attached to them. 
  3. Reports like “Attendance not taken” ensure punctuality and discipline within your educational institute.

USPs Of Student Attendance Module In IFW ERP

  1. Integrated with Biometric and RFID Devices.
  2. Option of Real time messaging as per inputs.
  3. Easy to use on any device size and via App.

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