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May 23, 2024





For better accountability and transparency, UGC and AICTE have mandated an Online Grievance redressal system in Institutes.

The primary aim of the Grievance Module is to ensure transparency in day-to-day working, prevent unfair practices on the campus, and provide a quick mechanism for the redressal of grievances. IFW ERP takes the Grievance mechanism out of complaint boxes and anonymity and makes it online, ready with instant reports anytime.

What will you get

Module Highlights

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How It's Helpful

  1. Helps maintain better administration and discipline.
  2. All Stakeholders can put up their complaints/ grievances under various categories.
  3. All grievances are routed to concerned authorities directly for further action.
  4. Complaint status can be tracked by complainant as well as Institute Administration.
  5. The details can be extracted using various reports in the module.

USPs Of Grievance Module In IFW ERP

  1. Grievance managers can be kept discreet
  2. End to end process management
  3. Different Grievance categories can be activated for different Stakeholders.

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