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June 24, 2024


Front Office

Front Office


Apart from the physical Campus, the front office / front desk / reception / help desk is your Campus's first impression.

All visitors and sometimes even students and staff members have to interact at the front office for various activities like meeting someone or requesting something. All these activities and more can be managed through the front office management module in IFW ERP.

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How It's Helpful

  1. The module helps to manage all the front desk activities in an institute.
  2. One can manage address books and phone registers of all the relevant persons/visitors/etc.
  3. Appointments can be fixed and managed through this module.
  4. It allows you to generate a gate pass for anybody coming inside the institute or going out.
  5. Document exchange between Institute and Students / Staff can be managed here.
  6. Address label printing for various purposes can be managed here.

Front Office

  1. Automated gate pass generation.
  2. Appointments scheduling.
  3. Address book management.

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