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May 23, 2024





Mentorship is the relationship between a Student and a Faculty in which the Student gains knowledge, while the Mentor gains the opportunity to support and give back some of their knowledge and guidance to someone who will appreciate it.

The mentoring relationship is non-judgemental and confidential, aimed at giving the student the confidence and capability to meet current and future challenges on campus and in life after campus. IFW ERP, with its Mentorship module, helps maintain the records of these activities.

What will you get

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How It's Helpful

  1. The module helps in recording efforts put on students requiring individual attention.
  2. Students are divided into groups, and each group is assigned a mentor. This mentor takes care of the additional development of those students.
  3. The module can be used for various purposes like maintaining projects, extra lectures, additional development and more.
  4. Mentors can maintain a record of their comments on students’ achievements and monitor their growth and progress.

USPs Of Mentorship Module In IFW ERP

  1. Simplified and measurable.
  2. Individual Student based records.

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