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Best ERP For School, College, University in India

July 18, 2024




Bonding with the Alma Mater

Any educational institution be it a College or University is always proud of its Alumni. Your Alumni members are your best brand ambassadors.

Any educational institution be it a school, college or university is always proud of its alumni. Their alumni members are their best brand ambassadors. Alumni module in the IFW ERP will help you to keep an interactive and updated relationship with your Alumni. The alumni module in the IFW ERP will provide a platform to your alumni members to organize meet-ups or other activities like fundraisers etc. Through the alumni module, your TPO department can take great help from your alumni by taking feedback or for some school events and also your students can take suggestions and guidance from them too.


What will you get

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How It's Helpful

  1. Alumni software in IFW ERP provides a platform to manage all your alumni along with their contact details and whatsoever detail is needed by the school, for example, their passing year, their batch etc.

2. This Alumni module allows you to create and manage alumni special interest groups to share knowledge and gain knowledge.

3. Alumni software in IFW ERP allows Alumni to recommend or post any Job for the students and other alumni members.

USPs of Alumni Module In IFW ERP

1. We have support managers for your help every day

2. We regularly customize our module for better usability. It is our USP.

3. We customize our module in such a way that our clients feel proud of choosing IFW ERP.

4. Our success lies in the implementation of our IFW ERP.

Thank you for choosing IFW ERP.

To conclude, IFW ERP is the best College ERP and University ERP system you will ever find for your college or university. We have highly qualified and expert developers in our company who work relentlessly to provide you with the best services possible. We ensure you that this College ERP software and University ERP software will resolve all your problems that too digitally without a lot of personal efforts.

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