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Best ERP For School, College, University in India

May 23, 2024


DRR & Task

DRR & Task

Increase Accountability

DRR (Daily Report Register) and Task Module in IFW ERP will help you in reporting and define any kind of task to your staff members respectively, in a calendar view format.

Also, you can adopt the policy of Compulsory DRR for your staff so that they can do day to day reporting of Academic or Non-Academic tasks performed by them every day. This concept of DRR and Task Module in IFW ERP will help you to replace the manual teacher’s diary etc. and will help you to make staff more accountable about the work they do. This concept is more used in the IT and Industrial sector, but we at IFW ERP have implemented it in the Education sector and our clients have absolutely loved and praised our idea.

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To conclude, IFW ERP is the best College ERP and University ERP system you will ever find for your college or university. We have highly qualified and expert developers in our company who work relentlessly to provide you with the best services possible. We ensure you that this College ERP software and University ERP software will resolve all your problems that too digitally without a lot of personal efforts.

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