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June 24, 2024


Photo & Video Gallery

Photo & Video Gallery


With the use of Smartphones these days, all events and activities of the Campus get captured and recorded. Apart from Social Media, there has to be a centralized place where all these are collected for your official records.

The Photo and Video gallery module will help you to make a robust collection of pictures that can be event-wise and date-wise.

What will you get

Module Highlights

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How It's Helpful

  1. This module provides a platform to manage your event photographs and video of any campus-related event.
  2. Various users can create and manage different gallery event albums as per rights given to them.
  3. The module also helps to keep a record of all your campus event photographs and videos in ERP itself.
  4. The photos and videos are also accessible on mobile phones, on-campus and off-campus.

USPs Of Photo & Video Gallery Management Module In IFW ERP

  1. User-friendly.
  2. Great visual representation.
  3. Informative data management.

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