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July 18, 2024





Event Management and collection of all records for them will become very simplified with this module.

The Events module in IFW ERP is made for the management and collection of all the records of past and future Events to be conducted in an Institute. Information about the registrations in the events; the participants, winners, guests, sponsors, committees, etc., can be managed systematically.


What will you get

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How It's Helpful

  1. Events module allows you to manage all the details about the events occurring within and outside the campus.
  2. Details about the participants of each event, whether in-campus or off-campus, can also be maintained.
  3. The organizing committee for each event can be created separately.
  4. All the information about the events is easily accessible through various reports.

USPs of Events Module In IFW ERP

  1. Integrated information management.
  2. Automation and announcements.
  3. Simplified and user friendly.

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