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Best ERP For School, College, University in India

April 24, 2024




Making Your Organization’s Management Easier

ERP for School, College, University & Business Management Software with abundant features and available in affordable plans!

IFW ERP supports Institutions affiliated with

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Customize the Right ERP Automation for You

Tailor your ERP solution with IFW ERP to meet specific professional needs. Our expert team ensures a hassle-free experience with cross-platform features and a dynamic interface for seamless performance.



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Start your journey today with IFW ERP!

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Unlock the advantages of our School, College, and University ERP solutions, seamlessly connecting teachers, students, and parents. Our management software ensures efficient administration without the need for customization. Plus, our budget-friendly plans make it easy to implement top-notch School, College, and University Management Systems. Choose excellence with our tailored software today!

With 40+ modules providing you, the best ERP solution

IFW ERP provides cutting-edge School, College, and University ERP solutions, harnessing the power of digital technology to streamline administrative and academic processes. Our comprehensive school, college, and university management software ensure efficient performance tracking and resource optimization. Experience clarity across all departments with our integrated institution management software, elevating educational and operational excellence.

Why our Customers use IFW ERP?

Reliable and Customizable

Optimize education operations with IFW ERP—cost-effective software for schools and universities.

Track Record

Facts & Figures

IFW ERP has revolutionized the data management and analytics process of 100+ organizations and institutes in the past 14 years.

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Serving The Market For 14+ Years
IFW ERP has been a leading name in the market for over 14+ years. We have planned and executed ERP solutions for several institutions and organizations.
Assisting You With 40+ Modules
With the highest number of modules, IFW ERP aids you with the management of your business processes.

Our Clients

Our Product

Smart Institution Connect A Smart Education App

Experience the efficiency of IFW EduAPP—an integrated mobile solution enhancing our School, College, and University ERP systems. Our web-based ERP system ensures swift, cost-effective management, seamlessly integrating with on-premises apps. This management app simplifies tasks, providing fingertip access to the entire school. Aligned with IFW ERP, EduAPP incorporates modern technologies for a superior user experience, making it the preferred choice for educational institutions. Stay ahead with our innovative EduAPP, effortlessly bridging efficient management and advanced technology.

Install IFW EduApp now in any iOS & Android App for further information and get all benefits.


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Why Institutes Love IFW ERP system?

We Have Over 99% Client Satisfaction Ratings.

ERP Sangam University
ERP Sangam University

We are satisfied work with the detailed structure of IFW. Presently we are using attendance, academics, fees, exam, admission, payroll, library and other modules. The staff is pleased with how well designed and supportive software is. We are quite delighted with the post-sale services, and we recommend IFW for all educators who are looking for the digital transformation of their institutions. On top of this, IFW ERP team has provided excellent support as and when required due to which we could implement ERP at Sangam University successfully and the faculties/staff and students are using it happily.

Seema Dental College & Hospital Rishikesh
Seema Dental College & Hospital Rishikesh

We are using IFW ERP solutions for over a year. We are using only attendance module of this software.The attendance module give real time attendance to the students and parents. Will gradually add other modules. Best part is, the support people, which is backbone of any software, here they will will listen to your issues and resolve it at the soonest. Overall very good software for any educational institute. I'll higly recommend the software.

Mahaveer Pareek
Mahaveer Pareek

IFW ERP Is a very Good Solution for Education Institutions. You can use for Managing their employee attendance, student attendance, fees, exam etc. overall a very good product for education institution.


Very good solution for education organization. Easy to use.

Prashant Soni
Prashant Soni

IFW is value to money. Support team is very helpful and responding. Though some of modules can be improved - it's overall value to money.

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