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Best ERP For School, College, University in India

May 23, 2024



Partner Program


Join the IFW Partner Program. TODAY !

We are interested to expand our family. We are interested to increase our presence in new regions and territories. We need to empower more and more Colleges and Universities all over the world. But we cannot do it alone. For this we need you as our partners.

IFW Business Partner

By being a Business Partner with IFW, you can share with us the details of any College or University looking for an ERP like IFW ERP. Let us know the client details like Contact Person and their email ID and mobile numbers. We will talk to them with your reference and if something works out positive, we all are winners. Also, once you convert minimum 2 campuses with us, you will be empowered for directly giving Quotations to as many campuses as you want.

IFW Integration Partner

Integrations with Payment Gateways, Bio-Metric Attendance Machines, SMS Gateways, Banks, Hardware & Networking Solutions providers etc. is something which is an integral part of every ERP and so is with IFW ERP too. We always share a very positive and healthy relationship and technical integration comfort with all our current such Integration Partners. IFW Team invites all such organizations for being an Integration Partner with us. We will work together to satisfy the needs of the clients in Education Sector with our mutual associations and partnership thus providing long term benefits to each other too.

IFW Implementation Partner

By being an Implementation Partner with IFW, you will be given the details of a College / University from our side. If you can get IFW ERP implemented there with Training & Data Management successfully along with complete recovery of final project payments, we all are winners. An Implementation Partner has to first become an Business Partner and convert minimum 2 campuses with us. An Implementation Partner will only be made once Team IFW is fully convinced about the knowledge and confidence of yours on the product. There will be a multi level evaluation process for the same.

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